Research Access

To apply for access to the AMD Integrative Biology Initiative, please provide the following documents when requesting an account (Submit Here):

  • Biographical Sketch (short version is encouraged), Curriculum Vitae, or Resume
  • Research Proposal (three-page limit) including:
    • Descriptive title
    • Types of information being sought
    • Detailed description of proposed project including timeline
    • Data Management and Sharing Plan
      • What data will you collect or create? What documentation and metadata will accompany the data?
      • What tools, software, and/or code are required to access or manipulate the data?
      • What standards will be applied to the data and metadata?
      • How will you share the data? Are any restrictions on data sharing required?
      • What data will be shared back with NEI after publication/final report?
      • Who will be responsible for data management? What resources will you require?
  • IRB Determination, if applicable